“Big blue motherfucker.”

Big blue motherfucker. #nyc #mandms #bluestuff #timessquare


Free Beirut. #nprFLLbeirut #nprmusic #brooklyn #beirut

last view from Bushwick

last view

I’m leaving with stories, and I will miss the view.

Photographs have been cheapened, but that’s okay. They used to be a somewhat rare thing, based on a finite roll of film, and its cost, and so forth. But no more. Do people really sit in front of a TV and look at their family photos together? Because that’d be cool. Photographs have become so ubiquitous that, more often than not, we’re actually capturing most of the BIG LIFE MOMENTS in photographs or videos. People take photographs of their poops and upload them to ratemypoo.com. I wonder if that site still exists.

I find it hard to look at photographs because of this incorrigible nostalgia I inherited from my father. They make me sad. Because everything, or most things, do look better in the past. And it makes sense, because we’d all go crazy if we were actually cognizant of how perhaps dark it all is. Our body protects us from itself so it can keep existing.


I’m leaving Bushwick tomorrow and not a moment too soon. Farewell to ice cream trucks, slowly idling down the street. Goodbye to daily car alarm, often caused by the low rumble of muffler-less motorcycles racing by. Goodbye to the L train and it’s incessant and often bewilderingly inaccurate announcements (I smile when it says “delay”). Goodbye to too much Mexican food. Goodbye to the random junk store that I meant to go to but never actually did. Goodbye to the cute blond woman who worked at Bushwick Starr, but who is maybe now in Alaska. Goodbye to my roommate.

I’m leaving with stories, and I will miss the view.

Six weeks editing at UNICEF, and here’s something amazing that I’d be allergic to:  The Peanut Solution

water taxi

water taxi #NYC #brooklyn #williamsburg #boatboatboat

Different song.

Different song. #brooklyn #NYC #bushwick #streetart #thestateiamin

It was red.

It was red.
It was red, v2.

from my window, last night

WTC Lightning Strike