I’m not going to make any promises about not neglecting this blog –– I’ve been there/done that, and I post when I post. I was pretty consistent with photos for a while, but the automatic post from Instagram plug-in I was using suddenly stopped working sometime last year and I’ve yet to figure out an alternative. Someday, hopefully.

It’s 2016 now, and I’m not going to express any sort of amazement at this milestone. It’s a thing that happens. I will briefly reflect on last year, though…

2015 was an extremely mixed bag, which is generally how things are. Life is a bittersweet thing, and the movies that get me all weepy are the usually the ones that capture the essence of bittersweet. I did get back on the filmmaking wagon last year, which was a good thing, and when the episodes are finished this year it’ll be an even better thing. Had a short relationship last year, as well, which was also nice until it wasn’t, and now I just miss everyone. I always miss everyone unless they’re right in front of me, and then I’m usually difficult and moody. I’m 42 now, so I’m a bit more self aware, for better or for worse. What else? I moved too often last year, and I’m looking forward to finding a place of my own, or at least a place where I can fully unpack my shit, this year. Feeling untethered is not good for my head.

Also, I’m going to Maui on Saturday for a week that I’m hoping feels like a year. Or at least a long month.