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I’m working on a new project with a group of amazing and talented people.
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Thank you in advance, loyal (or random) readers. You make my dreams come true.

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I Heart Staten Island


Perhaps you, my faithful readers, will have noticed the recent (and subtle) changes to this site over the past several weeks. Or, perhaps not. Either way, one of the more recent changes has been the inclusion of the RANDOM POST MACHINE on the sidebar, which –– when clicked –– will take you to a random post from the eight and a half years of my blog’s existence. I’ve been clicking on it, and (almost) each time I do it reminds me of another moment in the past eight and a half years of my life that I’d largely forgotten about, for better or worse. So that’s nice. Except when it isn’t. Except when it turns into nostalgia, and I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that nostalgia was originally considered a disease, the only cure for which was a time machine, although the afflicted were (tragically) too fixated on the past to conceive of such a device. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give due props to Franny for suggesting I include the RANDOM POST MACHINE in my blog, and also that I came up with the name “RANDOM POST MACHINE” all by myself.
I remain mad busy with a unique and sudden glut of editing work, which (as I’ve written) is a good thing in most ways except time. My time management skills have always needed work, but situations like this force me into working on them on the fly, which isn’t ideal, but (fortunately) usually results in lots of last-minute magic. Usually. And the thing about working from home is that you’re working from home.

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