“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”
–John Muir

The Uncle & Nephew Film

Everything is immortal.

All are immortal. Everything is immortal.
One should not be afraid of death at 17,
Nor 70.  There is neither gloom nor death
In this world, only clarity and light.
We are all already on the shore of the sea,
And I am one of those who pulls in nets,
When immortality swims by like a shoal.

–Andrei Tarkovsky

Where are we going?

Yes, hello. How are you?

I’ve been good, thanks.

It’s early April already, and it feels like winter is finally letting up. It’s not spring yet, but it will be soon, and this is (of course) good news. I like open windows at night, except when it’s too hot, then I like windows stuffed with air conditioners at night.

But I am good. I’m still in love. With Franny. She rocks my world.

And I’m working most of the time, which is good in terms of money, but not so good in terms of time, and the regularity of it makes me feel a bit squeezed, but it is what it is. I have a lot of student loans that need paying off. It’s also very hard to complain with an 11-7 schedule and a 20 minute commute, so I’ll stop.

I went to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago to see my sister and her family. We all drove up to Tahoe to ski, which was fun and beautiful in spite of the slushy snow. On the drive home, Owen (my nephew), who’s at what I assume to be the question asking phase of the mid-2’s, asked lots of questions. Two, really: “What are you doing?” & “Where are we going?” I realize that this is something children do, and I realize that I may be drifting into Bill Cosby territory here, but it wasn’t so much the questions as it was the repetition of said questions that nearly drove me insane.

O: Where are we going?
J: We’re going home, Owen. Back to your house in San Francisco.
O: What are you doing?
J: Well, I’m sitting here right next to you, Owen. In this car. What are you doing?
(10 seconds pass)
O: Where are we going?
J: We’re going home, Owen –– I just told you, don’t you remember?
O: No.
J: Really?  I think you might remember…
(5 seconds pass)
O: What are you doing?
J: I’m sitting here, Owen. Still sitting here next to you in the car.
O: Why?
J: Well, because this car is taking us home.
O: Why are we going home?
J: Uh, because that’s where you live, and where I’m staying. All your stuff’s there.
(30 seconds pass)
O: Where are we going?

Eventually he fell asleep.

Don’t misunderstand, I love that boy. I changed one of his horrifically shitty diapers while I was out there, and I’m going to go ahead and say that there’s something strange about changing the diaper of someone who’s talking to you.

We also made a movie, which I need to upload. Remind me, whoever.

We also celebrated my mom’s 70th birthday in San Francisco…


And in future news, an old friend (Ryan), who I haven’t seen since college, is coming to town for the weekend. We’ve kept in haphazard touch, so a few months ago I suggested he and his wife come to NYC for a Black Crowes concert this weekend, and they’re driving in tomorrow. I’m excited to see him –– we were really good friends in college, and I’ve missed not knowing him as well in the years since, and I’ve never met his wife, which seems weird but really isn’t all that weird. It will be like a freshman year dorm reunion, except without all the other people who lived there, and in New York City instead of Athens. Maybe.

I stayed up past my bedtime writing this post, please keep this in mind when reflecting on what you’ve just read.

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