jury duty

Tomorrow I have jury duty, which seems as appropriate an occasion as any to write something in here. This will be my first time doing jury duty — I’ve managed to avoid it up to this point by living abroad, being a student, or being unemployed. As someone with an interest in the way the system is supposed to work, I’m curious, but as someone who has a freelance job with a deadline on Wednesday, I’m annoyed. Most people have told me to bring a book, so it sounds like it’s going to be a magical day.

I’ve been channelling small pieces of thirty-nine year old wisdom lately, the one that keeps sticking in my craw is that as we get older the overarching struggle that emerges is the struggle to be content with ourselves. Chew on that, or just roll your eyes and go check the weather. With your weather app. I like weather apps, and I am comfortable with the fact that I may have more than I need, but I will not rest until I find the best one.

Speaking of apps, I hope I’m not the only one who is terrified by the imminent introduction of Google Glass, particularly if it is anything like this demo…

…no thank you. No. Thank. You. I’d rather opt out of a future in which everyone on the subway is talking to their eyewear.

On Friday night, Franny and I went to the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station… and had oysters. It was fun in that old-school New York way, but it solidified the fact that I really don’t get oysters. We had a sampler of like four different kinds, and the only thing that seemed different to me was the size and the taste of the salt water (juice) inside. The clam chowder was good, though, as was the pizza we had several hours later. The movie we watched in-between was insane.