There will be snacks.

I apparently remind people of (the musician) Andrew Bird. My cousin Sarah has been telling me this for several years, but over the past six months two close friends have sent me spontaneous text messages telling me the same.

Apparently it’s not so much that Andrew Bird and I look strikingly similar, it’s apparently the combination of our unusually similar appearances and our unusually similar mannerisms.

Somewhat coincidentally, Franny won tickets to see Andrew Bird at the Beacon this past Friday, and she took lucky me as her plus-one.

One of the first concerts I recall going to in NYC was to see Andrew Bird and Keren Ann at the Bowery in 2005. Andrew Bird played first, and I went up to him at the bar after his set and had him sign a CD: my pal << one f

Both times I’ve seen Andrew Bird have been great, but for different reasons –– the first show I had no idea what to expect and ended up being profoundly surprised, this last show I knew what to expect but still ended up being profoundly surprised (albeit somewhat less profoundly than the first time).

At the last show I was also trying to determine if he reminded me of myself, and I concluded (in part due to Franny’s assessment) that I guess he does remind me a little of myself, although it’s hard for me to say because I can’t see me from the outside. Lord knows I’ve tried.

This might be my new favorite song by him:

      Tables and Chairs – Andrew Bird

..if only because it contains my new favorite lyric:

“There will be snacks.”

There will not be any photos.

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