it was loud

Franny and I went to the Jack White concert at the Roseland Ballroom last night. I’m a fan of most of the music/bands Jack White’s been a part of, and his first solo album is one of my favorite albums of this year, so I was particularly excited to finally see him in concert.

Well, it was loud. Really fucking loud. So loud that the music turned into a muddy mess and every song came out (kinda) sounding the same as the last –– like a Bob Dylan concert, but loud instead of indecipherable. At one point (during my favorite song on his new album, no less) the speakers were actually clipping, which is something that shouldn’t happen on your home stereo, let alone in an iconic concert venue in NYC. After about five or six songs of this, we decided to avoid further long-term hearing damage and made our way to the back of the venue, which proved to be a much more relaxed and entertaining place to enjoy the rest of the show, although it was still too loud and still not that good of a show.

That aside, it was refreshing (miraculous, even) to see a security guard busting people who were recording the show with their phones. Our culture seems increasingly less interested in simply experiencing life as it happens than in documenting that experience so they can update their Facebook profile/Twitter feed/etcetera. I find this trend troubling, and when it distracts from my ability to enjoy a concert/film/etcetera that I paid money to experience, it infuriates me. At an Avett Brothers concert earlier this month there was a guy holding up his fucking iPad to record the show, and I can’t be the only one who wanted to smack him across the head with that thing.

But the opening act –– The Alabama Shakes –– were fantastic, and Franny and I had a mad good time in spite of everything else.

I also found out yesterday that I got another (significant) raise at my main editing gig, and I realized that in one year I’ve gone from being as broke as I’ve ever been to making more money than I ever have, which is a welcome and somewhat miraculous change of fortune that I don’t imagine could have happened anywhere but NYC.

And this morning I clogged Franny’s toilet, which was inevitable, and somewhat surprising that it hadn’t happened sooner.

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