first band

The first band of rain came this morning, but it only lasted an hour or two.

After missing the last uptown six train, I am making the slow trek uptown on the last M103 bus.  It’s surprisingly not crowded.

I’ll be weathering the storm at Fran’s place on the upper east side.  I’ll be there until the subway reopens, whenever that happens.

Saw a few stores boarding up their windows, but beyond that the city seems to be in a state of waiting.  Waiting for whatever this thing ends up being or not being.

The media has become such a sensational fear machine over the past ten years, it’s hard to know whether to believe them now, and I don’t know enough about meterology to make an informed prediction.

Closing the entire mass transit system and ordering a partial evacuation (of Zone A) is unprecedented, and it has given this impending storm significance, for now.

What happens when a hurricane hits NYC?  It seems as if we’re going to find out tonight.  Or not.  Right now it’s just foggy.

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