same name, different lights

      I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren
      I Saw The Light – Spoon

everything old is new again

Happy Birthday.

lust and thirst

      Skinny Boy –– Alex Bevan


“I’m a great believer in spontaneity because I think planning is the most destructive thing in the world.”
~John Cassavetes

the morning comes

For my dirt-eating cousin:

      This Too Shall Pass – Ok Go


more ways than two

In trying to write in here, I find myself encountering the same issue I often encounter:  You read this, and while there are certainly things that I want you to know, I might not want you to know, and vice-versa.  You understand.  As such, I can’t dig as far down as I’m inclined to, and I find myself stuck trying to explain myself at the surface.  It’s much easier to just post photographs or random internet founds, or to dance around it all with a hypothetical (or not) dialogue.

Thing is:  I’m a good dancer, but I’m usually too self-aware to actually dance.  Alcohol helps.

Leaky Tent shot a music video for the band NICKCASEY on Tuesday, which featured the lovely and talented Alison Pill completely destroying a bedroom (highlights included smashing a television with a bongo drum and dissecting a teddy bear with a screwdriver).  I’ve plans to post some stills from the shoot, so hopefully I’ll follow through.  We’re tentatively planning on shooting a second video for NICKCASEY in a couple weeks, this time with both Alison Pill and the Mark Morris Dance Company, which would (obviously) be amazing.

That last paragraph is what I would call a cavalcade of hyperlinks.

“‘There’s no way to get a pig bladder in this country––they’re all ground up for dog food.”

That last quote was from this week’s issue of The New Yorker.

August has been good to me in more ways than two.