bahn mi

Listen to this:

[mp3j track=”bahnmi.mp3″>TAL –– Million Dollar Idea

The two restaurants featured in this story are both right down the street from my apartment in Park Slope. Hanco’s is one block south, and I probably eat there about once a week––their Vietnamese sandwiches (“bahn mi”) are the crack-cocaine of the food world. A few weeks ago, I walked the extra several blocks to try Henry’s, but while their menu may be nearly identical to Hanco’s, their bahn mi was not––it tasted fifty cents cheaper, which it was.

This story aired over the weekend while my parents were in town, and one of the few things we didn’t get a chance to eat while they were here was bahn mi. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this, except perhaps that there are some coincidences that can’t be easily defined or explained, they just are.

I also think my neighborhood just became a tiny bit more awesome.

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