what happens

“Experience is not what happens to a man, it’s what a man does with what happens to him.”

~Aldous Huxley

my pregnant sister sitting on me

one of these mornings

[mp3j track=”TheStoryIHeard.mp3″>The Story I Heard –– Blind Pilot

I know what I mean.

I’ve been at a loss for words.

I tell myself (and others) that I’ve just been too busy with other things to write, but the truth is that I’ve been too overwhelmed by everything to focus.  How can I even start to relate all this life with simple words on a page?

Almost two years I’ve lived in New York City, and in these two years I feel like my life has grown exponentially more complex, or that the hidden complexities of my life finally rose to the surface, insisting to be seen.

What a mess it all is.  What a beautiful horrible mess.  And it’s not going to get any smaller, so I might as well make the biggest horrible mess I can, so big that the individual parts become indistinguishable from one another, blurring together until it all just becomes one massive thing––my life.

I know what I mean.

And perhaps I put too much stock in love, but I’d rather continue to cling to my belief that most people put too much stock in everything else.

"more shocking than hardcore porn"

“…the festival’s most arresting and fascinating film was in its own way more shocking than hardcore porn: The short film Coverage, directed by Jef Taylor, told the story of a man so consumed by watching footage of the 9/11 attacks that it became the only way he could get sexually aroused. What started out seeming like a cheap device developed into something deeply disturbing and unexpectedly powerful.”

Kink n’ Grind:  On the scene at two local underground film festivals (Las Vegas Weekly)


[youtube _-0tPxDTUq8]


Subway 7th Ave.