nominated for two

I am happy to announce that COVERAGE has been nominated for two awards in this year’s Method Fest: Michael Tisdale for Best Actor in a Short Film & Laura Heisler for Best Actress in a Short Film.   This basically means that our entire cast is up for awards at a festival that focusses on performance, which – while not terribly surprising – is pretty goddamn gratifying all the same.  The awards will be given out tonight at 7:00, so fingers crossed and good luck charms caressed.

red carpet

Ryan, Laura, and me (Jef) after the "COVERAGE" premiere at The Method Fest

In other news, as our Las Angeles vacation is coming to a close, I am surprised to find myself open to the idea (and fairly distinct possibility) of living here at some point.  Don’t roll your eyes until you’ve been here, and then put on your sunglasses and roll them all you want.

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