textual flare

Almost two months have passed, the almost both of which have been filled with intentions to show a sign of life here but empty of time and focus with which to do so.  This here is neither and indication of time or focus, it is just a textual flare sent soaring over this island of neglected blog.

I’m still here.  I live in Spanish Harlem now, my film is – for almost all intents and purposes – done, and I am presently recovering from what many would call a “common cold.”

The last almost two months have been hard to watch, and it seems that my generation will be forced to pay the bills for forty years of economic policies made by the wealthy for the wealthy.  People seem to recognize that those who are responsible for this mess are escaping unpunished, but where’s the outrage?  The word “socialism” has been tossed around in response to the government bailout, but where’s my fucking share?  If anything, this is socialism for the elite – a fucked-up anti-Robin Hood taking from the poor so the rich won’t have to sell their yachts socialism.  Where’s my student loan bailout?

In other news, I’m in love with a girl named Laura.  We have a home together, and I’d be feeling domestic and old if I weren’t so happy.

I’m out of time for this particular ramble.

Be well.

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