Tito Puente

I’m still looking for editing work, and it is getting frustrating, although everyone has told me that this usually takes time and I am confident that I will have my foot in some sort of door soon enough.  In the meantime, I’m broke, which is a situation that requires me to start temping this week – if there’s jobs to be temped.  

On some days I can hear the faint sound of a door opening, only to have it stop abruptly the next.  

Laura reminds me that this is the way all great success stories begin, and that one day we will look back on this time in our lives and laugh.  I know she’s right on both counts, and I am reminded how lucky I am to have found a woman who would remind me of such things.

Laura’s parents took us to a show called “Boeing Boeing” tonight, a successful Broadway revival of a 1960’s farce starring (among others) Bradley Whitford, Mary McCormack, and Gena Gershon.  It was zainy and wacky and generally farce-tastic, and Mark Rylance’s performance was a lesson in perfect physical comedy.

Friday night my friend Kris gave me her extra ticket to see The Old ’97s at Webster Hall, which was more fun that it probably should have been due partially to a secret drink trick we happened upon and partially to a lead singer who repeatedly shimmied.  Webster Hall is apparently the oldest nightclub in the country, having been built in 1886 and used for all sortsa nightclubby events since then.  The sound was great, but the exiting procedure and staff oversight of said procedure was horrible.

Also got free tickets to see Laura’s cousin Marcy perform at Birdland last week, which was also cool – both because the show was entertaining and funny, and because it was Birdland and thus smelled like a combination of jazz history and Tito Puente.

So, yes, I’ve learned that it is possible to do lots of cool shit on the cheap-cheap in this city, provided one knows the right people.  Apparently I know the right people, and at some point I’m hoping to find one who can locate me either an editing job or a suitcase full of money.