Kurt Loder's ghost

So I finally got a job working the night shift at MTV.  Depending on your feelings about MTV, it is either slightly less cool or slightly more cool than you probably imagine.  I’m told Kurt Loder’s ghost wanders the halls at night, endlessly looking for music news, even though he is still alive.  I start on Monday, and – no – I won’t be editing music videos, MTV hasn’t played music videos since the Reagan Administration.  Zing!

Laura & I are going to a wedding in the Hamptons this weekend, which means we’re more important than you.  Allow me to explain: The limited understanding I have of the Hamptons comes from the media, and the impression I get is that people go there to either be more gay or more important – neither Laura or I are gay (although we are HAPPY!!!), so what remains for us is to be more important.  I don’t make the rules, my friends, I just interpret them in a manner that allows me to always win.

After a shakeup in the post-sound department and a distracted/unemployed/procrastinating editor, “COVERAGE” is finally moving along at a healthy clip.  I feel like I might have a full assembly at this point, as I’ve got versions of (I think) all the scenes edited – some well, some requiring assistance.  I initially intended for the film to be about 25 or 30 minutes, but now I’m sticking to a strict 35 minute (or less) time constraint, which should allow it to be submitted to most of the major festivals.  Festival future aside, the film is a good one. and it will make noise.  Loud noise next to hushed whisper noise behind confused noise staring at angry noise who holds a check in his angry little hand.  The film will incite people into an angry mob of check writers, if I’ve got anything to do with it.  

We washed the sheets today, and it’s late, so I’m to bed next to a pretty girl.  I like sleeping next to pretty girls, and I’ve gotten to do it every night for about two months.  I sleep better next to pretty girls.

This post got right up on top of me and I wasn’t strong enough to get it off until just now.

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