In time.

Words, yes. Don’t get excited, there won’t be many.

While it will (hopefully) not be apparent to you, I have relocated this site to my .Mac account, where I am and will be hosting my personal website and media and so-forth. If the transfer works as I think it will, everything should remain intact in its present state, although I won’t be able to post or update for a bit –I haven’t gotten to that part, yet. In time.

While TypePad has served me well for the four and a half years I’ve been using it, the mountain of student loan debt I find myself in makes it hard – if not impossible – to continue to justify the monthly fee.

Land of the Anxious Dog will still be located at, although it may — at some point in the near future — take on an altered appearance. Continue reading, as now that I am done with graduate school I may relocate the inclination and time with which to post more often. No promises.

I am currently waist deep in postproduction for my thesis film – COVERAGE – which you can learn a bit about here:

…there are new production photographs up, if you haven’t visited lately, and all sorts of fun stuff if you’ve never been. Go. Now. Go.

Finally, my personal/film/etc. website will eventually be located at:

…but at the moment I have it linked to a growing collection of the many photographs that have been documenting my existence for the last decade or so.

With that, enjoy the above, and thank you for your continued support and/or boredom.

dee see