tidings of everything

Merry Christmas, patient and loyal readers.  I bid you all tidings of everything you want.

If you have any particular questions about my life over the last few weeks, I will be happy to address them in the comments section of this post.





Something. Like. That.

Gradually, my blogging has slowed down to a trickle since I returned to America. People ask me about this — ask me why I’m not writing about being in film school and all this — and I don’t really have any veritable excuse. I have many pseudo-excuses, mind you, but no veritable ones.

In the end, I think being in film school and living in America is less interesting than teaching English in South Korea. I take classes, I learn about filmmaking, I make films, I drink too much, I think too much, I miss my old life, I hemorrhage debt. Interesting? Right.

Also, and perhaps more abstractly, this is the first period of my life where creativity was something that I was supposed to do, as opposed to something I intended to do when I wasn’t at work. I don’t much feel like detailing the minutiae of my existence on the internet after struggling to figure out what my existence actually means. Something. Like. That.

My blog continues to get read, however, and by a relative many — both friends/family and heretofore unknowns. So I’ve gotta post something, it seems. Or not… I often wonder if my blog is any better a waste of time than anyone else’s, or than television, or a book. What’s so goddamn special about this pointlessness, especially considering that I’m now living a relatively normal life?

I did see the Space Shuttle take off from Tybee Island earlier tonight, however, and that was pretty cool. A big ball of fire drifting into the sky over the ocean, and everyone standing on the cold-windy beach saying “wow.” Living in coastal Georgia is pretty surreal sometimes.

"Feffrey Faylor"

I did very little this week, for lack of blood-pressure. While I don’t feel entirely better this afternoon, I did wake up and drink a cup of coffee, which is generally a good indication of a return to form. God willing.

I did get a Georgia driver’s license this week, and on the left side of my license — under the word “SEX” — there is an “F.” Right. The computer woman did admit to me that she’d forgotten her glasses that day, after I pointed out that she had typed “Feffrey Faylor” on her screen. Would I have known that she was going to give me a sex change, I might have stuck with “Feffrey Faylor.” As it is, I am now a legal resident of Georgia — registered to vote and all that — but as a woman. I weep for the future.

I spent much of this week watching too much television, and as a result I am now anxiously awaiting the “Beauty and the Geek” finale and am eager to purchase the new Oral-B toothbrush — “Triumph.” No more guessing how long I’ve been brushing, this year’s “must-have holiday gift” will tell me when two minutes have passed.

shocked and exausted

I am back in Savannah, and I got straight A’s last quarter.

Color me shocked and exausted.