last Sunday


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  • kitty flippy bing bang

    Those look like matching sunglasses and you look way too happy to be taking me to the airport.

    I hope your peach jug explodes due to science and your unwillingness to follow even the simplest instructions.

  • Jef

    I’ll show you an exploding peach jug.

  • K

    The woman in the picture is lovely. She looks like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johannsen (sp.?).

  • I was TOTALLY thinking Scarlett Johansson! I wonder if the pretty lady pictured gets that all the time, or if it’s just this photo?

  • yes, she does look like scarlett. by the way, her name is “jef”

  • Jef

    Wow, Dean… you managed to make a lame joke and un-compliment Colleen in one fell swoop. Way to go!

  • You look like a porn star!

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