Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals @ The Tabernacle = good-good.

I blame God

Yeah, so… no — I haven’t posted in a while. There’s been both too much and too little going on to write about, and my brain is still decompressing from last week’s shoot and the Lighting & Field madness that preceded it.

I’ve also been lazy, which is a reality about myself that I continue to come to terms with. It’s also entirely relative — one person’s laziness is another person’s productivity — but my laziness will always remain mine, whatever that means.

I’m going to Atlanta tomorrow with a friend to see a couple of concerts and possibly the world’s largest aquarium. I’ve only experienced Atlanta in passing, and I hear mixed reviews, so I look forward to getting my own perspective on the place.

Last night I went to a party of mostly SCAD students, mostly from the Film & Television department. Art school parties are much like liberal art school parties, except the people who attend them are younger and much more bizarre. I blame God for the former, and I quite enjoy the latter.

I have intentions to post many photos on here, have had these intentions for many months now, but other intentions and obligations have out-prioritized the photo-posting intentions. The problem with digital cameras is that you end up taking an overwhelming number of photos with them.

I’m not sure where to begin, if only to say that my life feels as if it has started in earnest. Again. May my life continue to have phases.

Am in the middle of acting in a friend’s senior film. For those of you who are wondering, I play a troubled artist who doesn’t find inspiration in a mummified dog, but does find inspiration in the world’s largest peanut sculpture. And for those of you who aren’t wondering, I have stories and more photos from the weekend in Southern Georgia, maybe I will post them someday…

I’m still waiting to hear what I got in Lighting & Field. While I realize that grades mean relative shit in art school, it still feels good to get A’s.

“Peanuts ruled his world!” I shouted, while standing underneath a giant peanut in the middle of Southern Georgia in the middle of the night. Over and over, and then one more time.


“What the hell is this?” I shouted, while staring at a mummified dog at Southern Forest World in Waycross, Georgia on a Friday afternoon. Only two or three times. The picture’s down there.


“Stuckie” the Mummified Dog
(I’ll explain later.)


Ashburn, Georgia – home of the largest peanut sculpture in the world.
Film school brought me here.

my blacklight

I really should be sleeping.

I finished the five week Lighting & Field class intact, and I learned stuff. Lotsa stuff about movie-making. I learned that I don’t want to be a DP, but that I may be a good director.

In five hours I leave for a shoot at a petrified something-or-other place in southern Georgia/northern Florida. I will be acting, all expenses will be paid, and I look forward to watching cable TV in a free hotel room. I’ll be sure to bring my blacklight, and I’ll be back on Sunday night.

So, yeah… I really should be sleeping.

There’s this weird euphoria from having made it through Lighting & Field intact, albeit probably with a B.

on the for-real tip

I have been too busy and/or distracted to post this week, and tonight I have time but don’t feel like posting.

I’m sorry.

I will post that I have been busy and learning, both of which are good things… I think. We turned in our Lighting & Field midterm today, to some acclaim, and we shoot our final (on 16mm color negative ($$$)) this weekend. The primary casting session for “CHUCK” is also on Sunday, which I am co-organizing. Both of these are stressing me out, and my coping mechanisms are less-than-stellar, but it will all be over in one short week. Then I am riding three hours to some location in Georgia for a long weekend to act in a friend’s senior thesis film — expenses paid. That will be fun, on the for-real tip.

This turned into a post. Weird.

"no the moon ain’t romantic"

“And no the moon ain’t romantic,
it’s intimidating as hell.
And some guy’s trying to sell
me a watch.
And so I’ll meet you at the
bottom of a bottle of
bargain scotch.

I got me a bottle and a dream
it’s so maudlin it seems.”

~Tom Waits,