I am currently stuck on an Amtrak train in Yemassee, South Carolina. "Engine troubles," they say. "Kill me," I say.

lounge car

strange and hurried

My pseudo-whirlwind tour having nearly reached its conclusion, I return south on a train late tonight.  This trip has felt strange and hurried, although at times it seems my life has taken on a strange and hurried quality, so the feeling fits.

Summer classes start on Monday — I am taking a five week Lighting & Field Techniques intensive, which should also be appropriately strange and hurried.  I am looking forward to the class, despite my distaste for both lighting and fields.  I am, and will always be, a huge fan of techniques.


"I disappeared in her and she, wondering where I went, left."

~Will Eno


cash and pills

I’m in Manhattan, still recovering from having spent twenty dollars for a glass of scotch at the Four Seasons last night.  It was a good glass of scotch, to be sure, but it was not twenty dollars good.  Twenty dollars would have almost gotten me a whole bottle of scotch in Savannah.

What was I doing at the Four Seasons last night?  I was reeking of garlic and under-dressed.  I did get to see an (assumedly) rich woman stumble out of her chair, dumping a purse full of cash and pills all over the floor of the bar.  In New York City, rich women carry purses full of cash and pills — that’s pretty cool.

W. 105th St.



I like trains.

In about three hours I leave for my semi-whirlwind semi-tour of the semi-north.  Tonight I drive up to New York City with Adam, hopefully arriving sometime tomorrow late-morning/early-afternoon.  I stay with Kirsten & Ryan in Manhattan on Wednesday and Thursday nights, then in Brooklyn with Michael on Friday night.  I fly out of LaGuardia on Saturday morning at ten, layover in Philadelphia, and land in Cleveland at about three, where my cousin Joe will be picking me up and driving us to Columbus for a Saturday night of merriment with cousins and sister.  We drive back to Cleveland at some point on Sunday, where I will be until I Amtrak twenty-four hours back to Savannah on Friday or Saturday.  I like trains.

That was a very poorly-written itinerary, my apologies.  I’m not in the mood to write well today, as it has become increasingly apparent that Satan will not be making an appearance on this — his day of days.  Color me disappointed.  Apparently we’ll have to wait until 12/21/12 to party in hell, damn it all.