I don’t care what anyone says — the way of the world is getting worse.  Those who argue differently are either being blindly optimistic or are on more medication than I am.  Perhaps I should up my dosage. 

I’ve been in a mood this summer, a mood that makes me question everyone’s motivation for everything they choose to do and not do.  We are all distracting ourselves to the grave, each in our own special way.  Special!

An attitude such as this one is, as you can imagine, not terribly productive.  I hate myself when I get this way — I want to step away from myself and smack myself in the face.  When I do step away from myself, however, I end up convincing the myself-myself that the intended smack would be ultimately futile.  The cycle repeats itself.

So, last night as I was lying on my couch staring blankly at the television (Dear MSNBC:  I don’t need to know, nor do I care, that Rush Limbaugh is taking Viagra.)  I saw the solution — productivity (distraction).  Either that, or some red wine and someone to drink it with over endless movies and chess games.  And sex.  (Distractions, all.)

I should probably take a shower and get some work done.

(This is not a cry for help, this is a cry for inner peace.)

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  • Percy

    Rush Limbaugh taking Viagra?How does he handle that?

  • Dan Duvall

    What happened on the Amtrak train?

  • people have been saying that the world is getting worse ever since we’d developed the speech patterns necessary to do so. that’s well documented. so either every generation of humans are pessimistic and nostalgic for a bygone era that they’re misremembering, or the world really has been getting incrementally worse over the last several thousand years. personally, i believe both. but if the latter really is true, then when and how does it end? as far as we know, nothing is infinite. so if civilization is in a constant state of entropy, there has to be a point at which it consumes us and we no longer exist. deciding if we have already reached the event horizon is a mute point, since we have about as much chance of stopping it before hand as we do after. so all that’s left to speculate is what to do while we’re waiting. as you astutely observed, productivity and distraction are pretty much the same thing. but since nobody gave us a booklet telling us what is and is not important, deciding that is completely up to the individual. and mind you, i say individual. not humanity. since nobody has ever been anybody else (at least not while they were aware of it) nobody knows anyone else’s perceptions. your red could be my blue. your hate could be my love. your important could be my frivolous. bearing that in mind, the only thing i could ever firmly put my faith in is instinct. and right now, my instinct tells me you should answer dan’s amtrak question.

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