Reading this article from Slate gave me the strangest desire to post on my blog.  So be it.

Up very late tonight after a late-late shoot.  I continue to be amazed at the length of time it takes to set up a single shot, let alone an entire scene.  More than five hours were spent tonight filming a three-minute scene, and this is not atypical.  Belgian waffles were intimately involved.

And we screened our first Intro to Film projects today, and I was happy (and somewhat surprised) to see that mine came out well.  Film is scary, what with its cost and its exposure and its general complicated-ness.  It came out well, despite the fact that all of my grips appeared in the film at one point or another.  Accidentally. 

And I am a pitch and an outline into my Curb Your Enthusiasm script entitled "Water Sports."

And I am listening to

      Bob Dylan


And I am still in love with everything and everyone that isn’t here right now.   

And I almost accidentally just drank cold coffee.

And I might be addicted to the Internet.

And I shouldn’t have drank caramel syrup earlier tonight.

And I should go to bed.

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