My first attempt at HDR photography, shot from my bedroom window.  Not wholly remarkable, but not wholly unremarkable.


Reading this article from Slate gave me the strangest desire to post on my blog.  So be it.

Up very late tonight after a late-late shoot.  I continue to be amazed at the length of time it takes to set up a single shot, let alone an entire scene.  More than five hours were spent tonight filming a three-minute scene, and this is not atypical.  Belgian waffles were intimately involved.

And we screened our first Intro to Film projects today, and I was happy (and somewhat surprised) to see that mine came out well.  Film is scary, what with its cost and its exposure and its general complicated-ness.  It came out well, despite the fact that all of my grips appeared in the film at one point or another.  Accidentally. 

And I am a pitch and an outline into my Curb Your Enthusiasm script entitled "Water Sports."

And I am listening to

      Bob Dylan


And I am still in love with everything and everyone that isn’t here right now.   

And I almost accidentally just drank cold coffee.

And I might be addicted to the Internet.

And I shouldn’t have drank caramel syrup earlier tonight.

And I should go to bed.

And so forth.

After some initial resistance, based primarily on the fact that I am here to learn how to make films and not how to be in films, I have decided to act when people here want me to act.  I have always enjoyed acting, I seem to be relatively good at it, and I doubt that I’ll have the opportunity to act as often as I will here.

So, with that decision made, I am acting in two films over the next two weeks.  One of them is a fairly straightforward narrative about a brother (me) and sister (strange and alluring young woman) with a "close" relationship, who decide to investigate a piece of their family’s past after the death of a pseudo-relative.  The other is an experimental film based loosely on the Beatles’ "All You Need Is Love," wherein I fall in love with an imaginary woman who lives next door with a giant cat.  A rehearsal for the latter was held today on the roof of a downtown building — I screamed and saw a blimp.

If it wasn’t for the acting, I don’t think I’d be feeling as overwhelmed with work as I am… no, wait, I take that back.  I’m busy, and busy is generally better than bored, so I’m not complaining.

Umm… it was ninety degrees here today, leaving me with no choice but to use the air conditioning in April.  Air conditioning!?!  April!?!  Ninety degrees!?!  Pudding!?!  Donkeys!?!  Purple toilet paper!?!  Fu Manchu!?!  Norway!?!  Ziploc!?!  Chicken sandwiches!?!

And so forth.

the decider

"I’m the decider, and I decide what is best.  And what’s best is for Donald Rumsfeld to remain as the secretary of defense."
~George W. Bush, 4/18/06

"relax it isn’t fair"

      Liar -- Built To Spill

green curry

The feeling that I can’t do this has come earlier this quarter than it did in the previous two, if only because of the reality of my busy-ness has come calling sooner than I’d planned.  With every thought that I’ve signed myself off on more than I can reasonably accomplish comes a thought that it’s best I get used to this sooner rather than later.

That last paragraph was almost obnoxiously thick… I apologize.

My parents’ visit ends tomorrow, after an almost-week of good meals and good wine mixed with the strange and somewhat awkward chemistry that is my family.  Is it ironic that the same impatience I inherited from my father is now often being used against him?  If irony, I imagine it is the most common genetically-spread form.  I wish I had some photos from their visit, but I will have to wait until they email the ones we took with their camera.  Worth the wait, as I am pretending to pick my nose in one of them.

Speaking of photographs, here is one from Beth’s visit…

…we were making green curry.

Does it matter?

I don’t post in here nearly as much as I used to, or as much as I’d like to.  I don’t have the time, or the candidity, to post often these days.  Or, perhaps, it’s deeper than that… perhaps my failure to post regularly of late has something to do with my brain’s inability to express the chaos that I manufacture out of my existence. 

Does it matter?  Of course it does.

My friend (and very first girlfriend) Beth was in town last weekend, and my parents (and very first parents) are in town this weekend.  I have pictures and words about both of these visits, but not now… now I am just posting to post.

I have been an emotional wreck for some time now.

Bee & Bear