This week:

This week:

  • I finished the first draft of my screenplay.
  • I got two copies of a book in the mail that uses one of my photos from Korea on the cover.
  • I finished my water PSA.
  • I got some cookies and a Pez dispenser shaped like a Walgreens truck from my parents.
  • I found out I got a C on my Art History midterm.
  • I got a free pizza from Papa John’s.
  • I had trouble sleeping.

2 comments to This week:

  • i solved the problem of cold fusion. by spinning microscopic black holes through an atomic accelerator, i caused a rupture in the vortex that separates sound from light. the particles that flooded out could give the entire planet enough free energy to last millions of years. but then I got high and forgot how I did it.

  • [Okay, why not emulate again?]

    Said good-bye to the Man for the second year in a row, just before the heart-shaped holiday. Ate too much cheese with him on Lamma Island.

    Found out that, probably, some of the photos from a recent Thailand trip are now gone forever – and there’s a paying website that expects them ASAP. Wringing hands dramatically seems to have had no effect.

    …ok, that’s too much. will just post the rest where it belongs – over at my place!

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