I’m sitting in my Postproduction class, waiting for my midterm review.  I should be working on my next project, which is due in a week, but I am instead attempting to transfer my work from last quarter onto my USB drive so that I can make a reel to use for scholarship applications.  It makes sense to me.

I got a C+ on my second Art History exam, which indicates that I really need to study harder in order to get the required B in the class.  I’m much more interested in the material we’re studying now — impressionism, realism, photography, etc… — so I’m hoping this will make studying it less tedious.  Studying the Baroque was Baroring, and studying the Rococo was Rococrappy.

The first draft of my screenplay has gotten some good responses, but I am still generally unhappy with it.  In class yesterday my professor said that I could call it done, but I don’t feel that it is even close — it’s not a script I would be happy shooting yet, which is something I’m planning to do sometime in the next year.  Positive feedback feels good, though, despite the fact that I continue to find ways to dismiss it.

I began eating sushi last week, and I have yet to stop.

I met a German girl on Valentine’s Day, and I have yet to call her.

Life continues.

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