Random things…

Random things…

Next quarter I am taking:

  • Intro to Film Production
  • Television Comedy Writing
  • Graduate Sound Design

While taking a shower earlier today I thought of things I will never forget, among them…

  • My father calling me to tell me my grandmother was dying.
  • Seeing my girlfriend’s car in his driveway, again.
  • The first time I heard Bill Hicks.
  • Buying a pack of Camel Lights at a Rite-Aid in Cleveland on 9/11.
  • Crapping my pants while grocery shopping in Rocky River.
  • The email my girlfriend sent me the day after I arrived in South Korea.
  • My mother pounding my back when I was sick with pneumonia.
  • Kissing my first girlfriend again, more than fifteen years later.
  • My father saying "your mother ruins sun visors."
  • Having drinks with my cousins after my grandmother’s funeral.

My Valentine’s Day proved good, yet perplexing.  Long story short:  I have a phone number and no idea what to do with it.

So it goes.

1 comment to Random things…

  • Dude, phone numbers are made for CALLING, and fingers are made for DIALING! (Also picking and scratching, but you can do that after you dial!)

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