In lieu of

Strange and vivid dreams these last few nights.  On Thursday and Friday I was dating two women I know here in Savannah, and last night I was drinking and having a serious conversation about something with my cousin Joe.  When I woke up each morning I remained haunted by one aspect of each dream — in the first two it was that I was not dating either of the two women I know here in Savannah, and in the last it was that I couldn’t remember what me and Joe were talking about. 

I ended up at a keg party on Friday night, which is a place I haven’t ended up at for years.  It was fun, in that college keg party sorta way.  People (not I) did keg stands, and I ate tortilla chips without any salsa.

I also played a lemonade vendor and a dead party guest in two student films, and made the mistake of eating a Monte Cristo at Bennigan’s.  Don’t worry — it’s gone now, it was gone about an hour after I ate it.  I think that’s what Monte Cristo’s do — they go, they go very quickly.

Tonight I spent many hours in the editing lab, and then biked home without enough clothes on, and now I am feeling pre-head cold.  I may skip work tomorrow morning, in lieu of which I will rest and read Art History.  In lieu of working, that is, not of skipping work.

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