I'm busy.

I’m pretty certain that I bombed my Art History exam this afternoon.  I’m told the professor grades on a bell curve — I’ll be happy if I get a C.  Lesson learned:  Study harder for the next exam.  Duh.

I’ve got a Postproduction midterm on Thursday, a take-home Screenwriting midterm due on Monday, a Postproduction project due next Tuesday, and the first draft of my screenplay due next Wednesday.  I’m busy.

Meanwhile my head continues to examine thoughts of what exactly my life is right now, of what it means to be thirty-two and pursuing my MFA in Film, of this concept of perspective that I’ve been desperately clinging to.  All while continually searching for the overwhelming self-confidence and discipline that my current circumstances require.

And right now I need to get some studying done before I go to work.


"Brokeback Mountain" is a good film, but not a great film.  The only award that it might deserve is for Heath Ledger’s acting, which was very good.  Any other awards it has already gotten, and will surely get, are primarily based on the fact that this is a movie about gay cowboys, and the studio played this edgy/controversial card to the hilt.  So, kudos to Focus Features for figuring out how to win some awards and garnish good reviews with a film that doesn’t really deserve them.

And kudos to me for my remarkable powers of prediction, based primarily on my overwhelming cynicism about Hollywood.

bell curve

I have an Art History exam on Tuesday, mostly on the Renaissance. Art History is one of those classes where the quality of the teacher is essential to one’s enjoyment of the material, and (hopefully) vis-a-vis one’s success in the class. I did a good deal of research (mostly through www.ratemyprofessors.com) to find the professor that most students considered the best, and after having finished the fourth week of class, I am convinced that I made the right choice. My professor clearly loves to teach, and loves what he teaches, and as a result his class is often one that I look forward to attending. He also, however, wants his students to learn the material, and as a result I’m told that his exams are very difficult… he grades on a bell curve.

My point being, I should be studying for the exam instead of posting this.

ugly side

Debutante slaying shows ugly side of picturesque Savannah (AP)

Chia Head

(Thanks for the Chia Head, Dad.)

I really need to sleep now.

Here is a video I made when I was living in Korea, and subsequently submitted as part of my application to here. I highly doubt that it’ll stream, so you’re going to have to download it — right click, save link as…

It’s a big file, so lemme know if it does/doesn’t work:


I really need to sleep now.


Watching Cameron Crowe’s “Elizabethtown” this afternoon reminded me why I decided to go to film school in the first place. I so rarely find myself getting entirely absorbed in films anymore, when one comes along that takes me to the place that films are meant to take us to — outside of ourselves, yet inside of our heads — I am taken aback.

“Elizabethtown” is not a perfect film (if there is such a thing), but it struck a chord in me of such resonance that I imagine (nay, hope) I’ll be left faintly ringing for some time.

I want to make films that leave people ringing.

I am a criminal…

Sunday afternoon, raining, and I with a slightly sore throat. A good time to watch some of the Oscar screeners I’ve been obsessively downloading over the past two weeks. Yes, I am a criminal… come get me, Hollywood.

I should be working on my screenplay, but I’ve come to believe that to fight procrastination is to deny it. Much easier to simply embrace it with meaningless justifications. The work will get done, just not now.

It was remarkably foggy last night, and it made Savannah look even more eerie than it usually does. On a purely aesthetic level, I liked it, but the danger it created meant that I had to get someone to drive me and my bike home from work. And yes, I shoulda taken some pictures, but I wasn’t feeling very well last night, either.