confuse Chaplin

Not much to write home about, which makes sense seeing as I am at home.  I have had too much free time with which to watch movies and dwell about the insane amount of debt I am going into as I learn how to make movies.  Yes, other people go into insane amounts of debt in grad school, but most of them are pursuing something that is likely to give them a high-paying job to facilitate paying it off once they are done.  I don’t doubt that this is what I should be doing, I just question my sanity as I spend a dollar a minute to actually do it.  Sigh.

I figured out how to make new videos look like old silent movies with After Effects today, which was fun and strangely post-modern.  All this time and effort trying to make movies look and sound perfect, now there’s a computer program with which you can make them look crappy again–I think this breakthrough would confuse Chaplin.

In other news, I feel more out-of-touch with myself than I have for quite some time, and I am trying to figure out why.  I let you know when I do, perhaps.

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  • Hey, I’ve got the same pic of the kid with his kochoo hanging out.

    It must be a “Korean original.” One of those things that one finds all over the bleedin’ place.

    Good name for your blog. Post some dogmeat pics!!!!!!!!!!

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