Last night I took photos of my friend Maura, one of which will hopefully be seen on the front of her first CD.  It was the first time I had been asked to take photos of someone for a particular purpose, and as such the request was rather flattering.  I’ve little experience photographing people, and practically none in arranging a place and pose-type-thing in which to photograph a person, so the experience was one of learning and experimentation more than anything else.  It ended up being lots of fun, while also seeming to produce a few results with possibility.  It would be cool to have one of my photos on the cover of a CD, especially by someone I know and admire.

Explanation completed, here are a couple of the resultant photos:



(For the above, we ended up turning on the hazard lights and shooting on the side of I-90 in Avon Lake.  It was exciting, in a we-might-get-run-over-by-a-semi sorta way.)

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  • helen

    both are really cool. i think the bottom photo (the “exciting” one) would make a good CD cover.

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