killer floss

I feel like I should be posting something of substance during this last week of mine in South Korea, but I have nothing of substance to post about.  What is there to say?  My head overflows with thought, and my sleep is becoming irregular.   Everywhere I go, everything I see–I am trying to absorb it all.  I can say with some certainty that I will never be in this country again. 

And I read that, and it all sounds like so much grasping at bullshit straws.  I often feel like I am grasping at bullshit straws, and only occasionally do I get lucky and come across a straw of authenticity.  A real straw.  A straw worthy of words.  A straw to drink with, or for a cow to eat.

Today I got my hair cut by a gay Korean hairdresser, and I bought some Western dental floss at the black-market store in Itaewon.  Korean dental floss is like rope, so I spent five-thousand won on 50 meters of "Glide."  I just started flossing last summer, on the advice of my mother.  We were sitting in a restaurant in Manhattan drinking red wine, and somehow the conversation turned to dental hygiene.  My mother failed to mention the addictive nature of flossing, and as a result of her advice I was forced to visit a seedy Korean black market store to get my fix.  It’s killer floss, though, dude… no seeds at all. 

3 comments to killer floss

  • you should move to montana and raise you up a crop of dental floss

    raisin’ it up

    waxin’ it down

    in a little white box that you can sell up town.

  • Jo

    Flossing is KEY. It makes you live to 100!

  • Jef

    Floss won’t grow in Montana, it requires a much more tropical climate.

    It used to be grown in American greenhouses, but thanks to globalization almost all the floss purchased in America is now foreign grown. Companies like Johnson & Johnson have deforested huge parts of Africa just to set up floss fields, and they pay the floss pickers only about fifty cents a day.

    Chomsky wrote a whole book on the international floss-growing industry. I forget the name, but if you Google “Chomsky floss book,” I’m sure you’ll find it.

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