hovering above the shit

Photographs speak easier than words these days.  This is not to say that I have nothing to write about, just that I have (perhaps) been too lazy and/or preoccupied to write about things.  Now that I’m thinking about it, I realize I have quite the backlog of things I’ve intended to write about but have yet to.  Photographs, too, that I have yet to crop and post, but there has been no shortage of photos.  Only of words, and perhaps not even.

There are many uncertainties about my present (or future) life, but I have this overwhelming feeling of contentment in spite of them.  How could I not be content?  I am living responsibility-less with a remarkable woman in the middle of Japan, and soon I’ll be doing the same with old friends in NYC, and then with my parents in Cleveland.  I may be annoyingly content, come to think, and for that I apologize.

Perhaps this is why I haven’t been writing–people prefer to read about people in the shit, not hovering above it.  I am hovering above the shit these days, albeit precariously.  If you want to see me in the shit, read the archives (I recommend early February 2005).

So, yeah… I’ll post more photos soon.

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