I am finally doing

Tomorrow, I am finally doing some long-intended extra-Seoul sightseeing–I am taking a train down to Gyeongju for a coupla days.  I have been repeatedly told that this is the one place you shouldn’t leave Korea without seeing, so I’m hoping that this repeated telling proves accurate.  I don’t know much about Gyeongju, aside from the fact that it was the capital of the Silla dynasty thousands of years ago, and that it is full of temples and tombs and other historic-type-places.  Mostly, I’m curious to see what other parts of this country look like, as I haven’t seen all that much of it in my (approximately) 497 days spent here.

Perhaps I’ll take some pictures.

Am I really leaving South Korea in eight days?  Am I really in South Korea?  Did I really move to South Korea to teach English a coupla years ago? 

Life is weird, man.

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