mouth-scrapey edge

When I think back on the first day I arrived in Korea, of the plane trip over here, of my initial decision to move to Korea and teach English… it all seems so distant, but it wasn’t.  Not really.  It was all less than two years ago, which in terms of everything that has and will happen in my life is nothing.  A flash in the pan, if you will.   

Nevertheless, I have been getting this feeling lately that time is short, that I’d better plan well, else I’ll end up not having done everything I want to do by the time the metaphorical egg timer goes "ding."  This begs the question:  What do I want to do?  I want to get my masters in film, of this I am certain, but then what?  A mountain of student loan debt requiring immediate and lucrative employment and/or a series of bank heists to eliminate.  Debt limits one’s options, and that scares me a bit.  Money makes living far more difficult than it should be, and that frustrates me.

It was a beautiful day today, so I walked up to the top of Namsan (North Mountain, the one with the tower on it) and sat on a rock in the middle of the woods to try and sort out all these thoughts that have been coagulating in my head.  I ended up sorting out very little, but I did reach a general conclusion that my life is going relatively well at the moment, and that were I to complain the complaints would mostly be filed into the overstuffed "whiny" category, as opposed to the skimpy "legitimate grievance" category.

Tonight I ate a bag of Skittle Sours, and I am tempted to write the company to tell them to add a warning label to the package indicating that it should not all be consumed in one sitting.  The first five or ten are heavenly–sweet, yet oh so sour–but beyond that they begin to take on a terribly harsh and mouth-scrapey edge, due primarily to the sour coating.  The problem is that you can’t stop eating them, because there’s still a touch of the earlier heavenly magic left amongst all the mouth-scraping pain.  A catch-22 of sorts, if you will. 

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  • I had similar emotions when I first went to Japan. And after many years now I still wonder if I accomplished everything that I could have in the time I was there. Improved my language a bit more. Made a few more friends. Visited some new part of Japan. So do your best while you are there. It is so hard to go back once you leave the country.

  • I don’t know why but your last paragraph made me laugh out loud.

    It smells like beer here today for no reason.

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