Can you die of itch?

I had my first full day of teaching at CDI today, and tonight I am unable to sleep because of a terrible flare up of what I call "winter itch."  Connection?  I hope not.

I think this is more than just "winter itch," actually… I think I might have eaten something for dinner that caused an allergic reaction of some sort.  I had tuna salad and poorly stir-fried vegetables–I’m going to blame the poorly stir-fried vegetables, as they were a new addition to my diet.  It might have been the oil I used to fry them in, or something.  Whatever the culprit, I am sleepless at four am and scratching incessantly… where da ladies at?  Seriously, I think I’m breaking out in hives or something, too–call Pink.

I’d write more, but this itch is terribly distracting.  Maddening, really.  I may not make it through the night.  Can you die of itch?  I almost hope so at this point.

6 comments to Can you die of itch?

  • Damn, I am feeling itchy now too…

    What kind of oil did you use for the stir fry?

  • Oh, and I can’t wait to hear more about CDI…I have always wondered about their ads and the salary and stuff.

  • Jef

    I believe it was sunflower oil, but I didn’t acually go check. It was an allergic reaction to something, I’m pretty sure, as I feel much better this morning and I had really bizarre dreams last night involving monkeys and robots.

    Monkeys and robots are the subconscious minions of allergy.

  • Sounds like a blast…as much psychadelia as you’ll get here! Too bad about the itching though! Monkeys and robots…hmmm…did you say you put mushrooms in that concoction?

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  • If you can die of Fan Death, I suppose an itch could kill. Ah well… but don’t die, it’s the least interesting thing to do.

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