and all that

I have taken to writing poetry on the bus to work. Most of it is not very good, and some of it is just terrible. I wrote this one on Thursday:

“Teacher, what’s ‘rape’?”
“Teacher, what’s a ‘pimp’?”
These are fucked-up questions,
make my brain go limp.

“Rape is balloons!”
“A pimp is a kitty!”
I’d tell em the truth
but it’d make em feel shitty.

…more of a rap, really. Eminem, and all that.

The big toe on my right foot has been intermittently sore since I returned to Korea. I didn’t think much of it until I read that a sore big toe is a symptom of gout, at which point my neurosis took over. “Gout” is a terrible sounding disease, almost as bad as “scabies,” which is a combination of “scab” and “rabies.”

I worked all day today, I work all day tomorrow, and tonight I still have some papers to grade before I go to bed. Time does fly when one is busy, but the theory about distracting oneself with work is a crock. I think far too much these days.

Spring is here, though, so that’s a good thing. Warm, and all that.

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  • Jenn

    Hey! That’s all well and good until your students go to the carnival and ask their moms if they can play the rape game so they can win a pimp!

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