thus far it is

I am back home, and thus far it is everything that being back home after a fourteen month absence should be.  Wonderful, strange, familiar, confusing, nostalgia-laden, different, and almost exactly the same as it was when I left.  Mostly the nostalgia, as many of these streets and places are haunted with the ghosts of memory.  I have seen some of my friends, and I’m finding it both reassuring and unsettling that nothing much has really changed, and that most of them say that I am just the same as well.  I feel different, but I suppose I am probably the same person I was when I left, or perhaps I am just falling back into the role that is expected of me. 

I have been overly emotional, and slightly irrational, and this I attribute to the flood of friends and family that will be arriving this week.  I so want this time to be magical, I flinch at anything that might make it less than.      

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