the water came

Lots of people have died this week, an almost incomprehensible number of people.  The number continues to climb daily, and I reckon we’ll probably never know the final count.  It’s hard to think about a tragedy of this magnitude, it’s hard to watch the news networks try to out-tragedy each other with new footage of the waves sweeping people, cars, chairs away; new stories of Westerners who were vacationing in Thailand when the water came.

Donate money to the relief effort. 

The American government has donated a paltry $35 million so far, which is an embarrassingly small amount coming from the wealthiest country in the world.  We’ve spent more than $100 billion to liberate the impoverished and tyrannized citizens of Iraq, surely we can spend more than $35 million to help the impoverished and newly-homeless citizens of South Asia.  Spain has donated more than $70 million so far, and the Bush administration is planning on spending between $30 and $40 million on Bush’s inauguration in January.  Perhaps Bush is planning on donating prayer in lieu of money. 

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