I no longer work at ____’s Foreign Language Institute, and am currently staying at Joe & Mirella’s (and Natasha’s) apartment. Quite a change I’ve implemented here, but one that was inevitable and timely. Needless to say, I feel better — as if a weight has been lifted. I feel like a tourist again, albeit one who is job searching.

I found out earlier today that Monique — the woman I sent to the Institute in my place — apparently got the job. Good news. News that makes me feel better about what I did, as it seems to have worked out well for everyone involved, thus far.

I’m actually sitting in a Starbucks in Incheon right now, sipping a short coffee of the day (2200 won (about $2)), about to take the train to a job interview in Bucheon. Starbucks here are uncannily similar to their American counterpart, excepting the presence of Korean people everywhere. I’m a bit ashamed, in my anti-corporate-chain sort of way, to say that I find it a bit comforting to be sitting here reading my New Yorker .

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