Lovely gangster

I’m thinking of going into business here as a perpetual English teaching job seeker. Thus far, I’ve been to two schools for interviews and I’ve earned 30,000 won — one school gave me 10,000, the other 20,000, both for “transportation costs.” If I can manage to line up eight interviews a day, five days a week, I could pull around 600,000 won per week (about $550).

I jest.

Monique was here for Natasha’s birthday party last night, and it sounds as if things are going remarkably well for her over at ____’s. This is good news, although I was a bit saddened to hear that NONE of the students asked what happened to me. Perhaps they were told earlier, or perhaps I made no significant difference in their lives at all. In either case, it’s still a good thing that I left — I get the impression that Monique will be a better match for that school than I was. I find myself wondering what would have happened if I had done things otherwise, instead of essentially forcing Monique on Mr. ___ as I did, and I’ve decided that it’s an issue that is better left uncontemplated.

I bought a new notebook recently, the cover features a character named “Matoda.” Matoda has a tomato for a head, a heart tattoo on his shoulder, and he says “You die!!” At the bottom of the cover it reads: “Lovely gangster / Matoda fall from the heaven with mission / But this mission is so, so, difficult”.

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  • Korean students are mostly in a “don’t ask” state of mind. The culture, as you probably already know, accepts that things come from top–> down.

    They are probably whispering amongst themselves about your departure…and probably do miss you!

  • A Foreign Guy

    I am an American going to school in Thailand.

    I picked up a few of those “Matoda” notebooks too! Don’t ask me how I found your site… I typed “Matoda” into the search engine. Yes, finals are over, so I get to do all sorts of strange things on the internet: like look-up crazy tomato characters and chat.

    Nice site! =:-)

  • matoda

    I am a student in Hamilton, New Zealand. My girlfriend, (also from Hamilton, not asian) also has one of those notebooks and I think it is so cool. I found this the same as the last guy,- nothing to do so typed in Matoda and this came up. We even call each other Matoda! Matoda is awesome, and so is Mashimaro.


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