bad day

For more reasons than the absence of hot water in my apartment, today has been a bad day. I’m not going to go into details, as they are disturbing and unfortunate, just trust me on this one. But, just as things were at their very lowest, when I was about to lose my mind with frustration, the woman who lives in the apartment above me came by with a tray of food. Delicious Korean food, and I was very hungry. So, I feel better now, and I wish I could speak Korean so I could tell the woman upstairs how timely her gift was. I won’t forget, but she’ll never really know.

One of the things I keep reminding myself lately is that this experience, whether good or bad, is making me into a stronger person. I don’t feel any stronger, though… I feel weaker, more emotional, less able to overcome seemingly small obstacles. Maybe it won’t be until I am back in America that I’ll realize the changes brought about by this Korean experience. Or maybe I’ll never really notice any change, maybe I’ll be too preoccupied with the next chapter to consider how the last chapter has affected me. I hope not, but I also hope so.

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  • You’ll realize how much you have changed when you get back to America. I never realized I had grown up until I returned. Living in Korea makes you stronger and you are able to deal with things much better back home. Just hang in there. I made it 3 years…even though I almost got kicked out once 🙂 but I made it, and lived to tell the tale.

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