abandoning ship

Still no running water to speak of. Still very angry.

I’m thinking very seriously about abandoning ship sooner rather than later. Joe and Mirella have offered to let me stay at their place for a bit — they have an empty bedroom — and I’ve had calls from several directors who seem very interested in hiring me. It would be a drastic step, but it’s one that is seeming less and less wrong and more and more necessary.

2 comments to abandoning ship

  • Linda

    Are they pipes frozen? I think that is common. It happens from time to time when it is very cold, no matter where you are. (Even in America!) Don’t take it out on Mr. Cho just because you are already at your wit’s end with the job thing. The next thing you know, Joe and Mirella will have frozen pipes too. Just keep cool. Or warm, for that matter.

  • Henry

    Maybe you can stay in your friends’ place until the water situation is fixed all the while saving the agreement between you and Mr. Cho.

    The bitterness from an abrupt exit might cast a longer shadow on you than anyone else.

    Good luck and hope your situation improves.

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