This is your mailman. I am an idiot.

I keep wondering if news like this should, perhaps, give me pause:

N.Korea escalates nuclear stand-off, hints it is building new weapons

It’s probably just a cry for international attention, but it’s a largely unsettling cry. If anything, I’ll probably be safer in South Korea, because if Kim Jong II actually used nuclear weapons on Seoul or Incheon, the fallout would affect much of North Korea as well. I don’t know how accurate that last statement is, but it’s an effective reassurance for someone who’s moving there. I don’t need neurosis based on a potential nuclear holocaust.

My mailman called me this morning to prove to me that he is an idiot. He would have done better to just call up and say “Hello. This is your mailman. I am an idiot.” Instead he tried to explain exactly how he is an idiot, and it is now entirely clear why my mail service has been so crappy for the last two years.

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