I teach you good!

I’m going to be teaching English in South Korea. I’ve never really taught before, aside from a short stint of volunteer English tutoring last year, so the prospect is a bit daunting. I’m getting one day of semi-training (see: shadowing), then a weekend to prepare, and I start teaching full-time on Monday morning. Holy shit, and all that. Everyone here seems to think I’ll make a good teacher, which is a bit reassuring, but I seem to think that I’m going to get up in front of my students and say “Uhh… I teaches English! I teach you good! You learn now! LEARN NOW!”, which is a bit less reassuring.

Immediately it’s late Wednesday night, and I have to be moved out of this apartment by the end of the weekend. If moving didn’t mean that we were going somewhere new, I reckon it’d be horribly depressing. I’ve gone through so many boxes of clutter — papers, photos, mementos and other random shit of times past — that I’ve almost become numb to the inherent nostalgia that the whole experience contains. Were I to sit and reflect on every item that I pull out of my desk drawer or wherever, I’d never finish packing… I’d just sit and cry and sleep and drink, or something. It wouldn’t be pretty — it would be ugly.

Who cares? I don’t know what to write in this thing. I’m moving to South Korea, and that’s SOMETHING, yes? Something worth TELLING? This whole online journal thing is a tough one, as it requires a line to be drawn — how much to say, what to say, so forth. I wouldn’t want people to learn more about me than they wanted to know, is what I’m saying…. or what I wanted them to know, but for that I’d only have myself to blame.

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