I should be packing

In about two weeks from now, I’ll be boarding a flight to South Korea. Holy shit. Holy, holy shit. All that.

“Land of the Anxioius Dog” — talking to Michael the other day, I mentioned how all the pet dogs over there must be on anti-anxiety medication or something, he went from there to this title. Is a good one. Second prize goes to Dean for “Year of the Monkey,” which is right up my alley but too exact.

They do eat dogs over there, they cook them in a soup called “poshintang,” which literally means soup to supplement the health of the body. It’s also apparently said to be a sort-of aphrodesiac, or sexual prowess enhancer. I want to try it. I am allergic to dog hair, so eating dog meat will be a sort of vengeance for the years of misery that their hair has caused me. I am allergic to cat hair, as well… most animal hair, in fact, but I’m going to take my petty justification and run with it.

I’m at my apartment in Cleveland, and I should be packing.

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