everything but strawberry

Late last night I went to CVS to try and buy some batteries for my flashlight.  The streets were eerily quiet, as the buses and subways had been stopped hours earlier, and most people were hunkered down in their apartments.  I arrived at CVS to find the battery section completely drained of everything but the tiny hearing aid size.  I decided to buy some ice cream instead, and I found the freezer pilfered of everything but strawberry, but I like strawberry so that worked out okay. 

A gust of wind woke me up late this morning, and the wind has been getting stronger –– some of the stronger gusts have actually been shaking our apartment –– but there hasn’t been much rain yet.  There are still people and cars in the streets, although they’ve started to dissipate as the storm has gotten worse.  We still have power, so that’s fortunate, although we’ll see how long that will last.

I’m not sure what to make of all this.  It’s certainly exciting, and part of me can’t help but feel like the media is overblowing this a bit (no pun intended), but as the worst of the storm has yet to hit it’s hard to really say.  If the storm surge is as bad as they’re predicting in NYC, it would be very bad.

As I’ve been writing this, it’s gotten progressively worse outside, so I’m going to stop for fear my blog posting is making the hurricane angry, and I’d actually like to go outside and see what’s doing.

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