37th & 8th (II)


37th & 8th


FilmGym Screening

Last Friday’s NYC screening of After You Left was likely its last for a while, but fortunately it was also one of the best. It was a small event, held in the cozy back room of a gallery/bar in the lower east side, and there were only three other shorts that screened (which were all quite good, for the most part). The response to AYL was particularly good, and the Q&A afterwards was probably the most relaxed and enjoyable I’ve ever had –– in part because it was only Ryan (the cinematographer) and myself, and also because the questions were unique and engaging in way that most Q&A questions never are. It was more a conversation than a Q&A, and Ryan and I played off each other quite well in a way that (I was told) was very entertaining.

Afterwards, a number of people came up to us to tell us how much they enjoyed the film, which is still gratifying –– it’s nice to be reminded that you made something that people enjoyed so much they go out of their way to tell you, particularly when you made it as an experiment.

Here are some photos that wonderful Franny took of the Q&A…