Sunday night


(sideways smiley emoticon)

Careful readers will notice I didn’t post yesterday or, if you want to split hairs, the day before that.  Let’s not split hairs though, let’s just all be happy that I’m here now.  Here.  (sideways smiley emoticon).

It feels like the internet has suddenly gotten frighteningly pervasive.  While reading the New Yorker last night, I learned that “idk” in cyberspeak (or whatever it’s called) stands for “I don’t know.”  I learned this from the New Yorker.

It scares me because I don’t know where this is all headed, but it doesn’t look good.  It looks like more and more people staring blankly at more and more screens watching advertisements for the newest in screen technology.

And I’m not immune.  In the end, no one is immune, as even those who initially reject a new technology will end up having little choice but to use it.  Eventually all phones will be smartphones, eventually the post office will go out of business, eventually every room in your home will have a screen in it.

The irony is that most of the new technologies are billed as devices to make us more connected with each other, yet studies show that Americans are lonelier and have fewer close friends than they did twenty years ago.  Where does that trend lead?

The fact that I’m writing this on a blog is also somewhat ironic.

I’m not watching the Super Bowl, although I read that the commercial time now costs about $350,000 per second, which makes me angry and confused.  I hope they sell lots of useful commercial goods, beer, and/or tickets to upcoming movies based on comic books, board games, or earlier movies.  Exhibit A:  Battleship the movie, based on the board game with pegs and plastic ships, at a cost of approximately $200 million –– coming this May.

mustache glasses

This is me and my sister and our maternal cousins (except the youngest, as I don’t think she’d been born yet), and it clearly reflects the influence of our somewhat eccentric grandmother. She used to bring a bag of these mustache glasses on family vacations and have all the grandkids put them on when we went through toll booths.

I’m the one in the pink hat, btw.

I’d rather not spend my last days in a shopping mall.

This was the view from the window of my editing suite at 2:47 this afternoon…

…it’s not straight out the window, it’s out and to the left –– looking northwest. Straight out the window is another tall office building which is largely populated with what appear to be sewing sweatshops –– huge rooms full of mostly asian women hunched over sewing machines. There’s also a photography studio –– as indicated by the intermittent (and somewhat annoying) flashing that emanates from the windows –– and also some sort of bizarre hanging exercise studio, where people seem to just hang from rings that dangle from the ceiling. Weird.

The temperature reached 62 degrees in NYC today, which is also weird. I’m not complaining, although I am somewhat concerned about the reasons why this winter has been so warm and the only major snowstorm took place at the end of October. Perhaps the Mayans were right, perhaps the world will end on December 21st. I, for one, will be waiting until the 22nd to do my Christmas shopping, just in case. I’d rather not spend my last days in a shopping mall.