more than a sprinkle

In an effort to further avoid doing the work that I should be doing, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to post one photo on here every day. After mentioning this idea to one of my few loyal readers (HINT: the one I’m dating), she suggested that my “writing should be sprinkled in” as well. I told this reader that I would propose it to the creative department, which I did, and it was agreed that it would be a good idea to implement this suggestion in an effort to keep one of the few loyal readers I have.


I’ve been working a lot at this freelance job I lucked upon last summer, and the thing about working a lot is that it leaves little time or energy for one’s own pursuits –– after editing all day I’m not particularly inclined to edit (or write) when I get home. But it is what it is, and if I’m ever to catch up on the backload of work I have to do and finish another screenplay and finish one of the many editing experiments I’ve started but not completed, then I have to learn how to make all this work. Last week I discovered that if I get a reasonable amount of sleep at night I’m not as exhausted during the day. This seems obvious because it is obvious, but part of my nature has always been to try and pull as many hours out of the day as I possibly can, whether productive or not. This has led me to understand is that more time doesn’t necessarily mean more done, but it does create the illusion of more done, but the illusion of more done isn’t going to result in anything but exhaustion.

Note to self: Write a self-help book called “The Illusion of More Done”.

I think this has been more than a sprinkle.

2 comments to more than a sprinkle

  • That’s funny. After a long hiatus I decided to do the the photo post thing to in an effort to keep my blog alive during periods where my sedate life is unworthy of a written accounting. I’m pretty sure the last of my loyal readers have long since departed, but I still get dozens of Google hits daily. Mostly from a long ago post where I mentioned “naked Korean women”. Apparently that is a very popular search phrase.

    I actually came upon your blog because someone came to my blog from the long dormant “I Got 2 Shoes” and you are listed in Jenn’s sidebar. Oddly enough, I just chatted with her on FB and she is doing fine in Antigua.


  • Jef

    John… Thank you for leaving the first non-spam comment on my blog in well over a year.

    I’m glad to hear Jenn is doing well, and in Antigua.

    BTW… “Korean penis” is also a popular search phrase.

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