Walking down 34th Street this afternoon with a friend of mine, I used the word “ambiguous” while discussing the ending of film we’d just seen, to which a homeless man we’d just passed shouted: “‘Ambiguous?’  Wow!”

I turned back to him and responded: “Thank you.  I’ll be here all night.”

You’re a charming bastard, New York City.

a chance

“There will be days when you’ll look at your hands and want to take something and smash every bone in them because they’ll be taunting you with what they could accomplish if you only found a chance for them to do it.”
–Ayn Rand

Sit me down

      I'll Try Anything Once – The Strokes

…heard this in Somewhere (the most recent Sofia Coppola film), which left me mostly underwhelmed.




Hello Mary

Well how do you do?

      Percussion Gun – White Rabbits

“I believe the song is about bumping into the ex-girlfriend after a bad breakup. She didn’t break if off very gracefully; she just left and talked badly about him to everyone. She thinks he still wants to be with her. Even though he still has feelings for her, he wouldn’t want to continue – he’s tired of trying too. He just wants an explanation.”


A panoply of song

      June Hymn – The Decemberists

“Eternal devotion is the heart of this song. Devotion in terms of the achievement of domestic bliss. Devotion to a family home built together. Devotion to a neighborhood that one could not bear to leave even in death. Devotion is objectified by the growth brought by early summer, and personified in the place of Springville Hill.”